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Our Mushrooms

These are not your average grocery store mushrooms! Our mushrooms offer a more complex flavor and meatier texture - they'll take your favorite dishes to the next level. Mushrooms are naturally high in vitamin C, vitamin B & antioxidants making them a healthy choice in many dishes. They can be used as a meat substitute and are perfect in soups, risotto, quiche - any dish that calls for a savory mushroom. Just sauté for 10-15 minutes.

Cultivated gourmet mushrooms are seasonal - some varieties grow best in fall/winter and others like warm weather. We are currently growing 5 types of mushrooms. They all grow inside on wheat straw and our spawn are from reputable cultivators.​

Fresh Oyster Mushrooms

These mushrooms are some of the most commonly cultivated mushrooms in the world and for good reason! They have a delicate texture and mild, savory flavor and hold their shape and springiness when sautéed briefly. We currently grow blue (which start out deep blue-grey and turn shades of grey-taupe as they grow), Italian, pink and yellow varieties.


Fresh Chestnut Mushrooms

Fresh Chestnut Mushrooms have a complex nutty flavor and crunchy texture when flash sautéed. They are very versatile and can be used in salads, pasta dishes, sauces ... the possibilities are endless!

Dried Mushrooms

We think dried mushrooms are an essential pantry item because they are so versatile. Prepared properly even just a small amount will add so much flavor to your favorite dishes!


Tips and Tricks

  • ​Always cook before eating - we recommend sautéing them for 15 minutes

  • Refrigerate unwashed mushrooms in a paper bag - but not in the crisper drawer, it's too moist an environment

  • Clean gently with a paper towel right before using

  • Use fresh mushrooms within 5 days. Dried mushrooms will keep indefinitely in the freezer or pantry

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